Although it has been planed for long time, it is still hard to say goodbye.
Goodbye, my dear friends, colleagues and Toastmasters members. I am
leaving Sun and today is my last working day.

  I am so proud of the experience working with you in the past several
years. I appreciate the time I spent with you, the knowledge I learn
from you and the friendship we made with each other.

  Special thanks to my manager Henry Deng, I learn a lot from you. Without
your support, trust and understanding, I can’t make any progress.
Sincere thanks to Paul Lee, Claudia Deblauw, George Yao and the members
in our group, I am grateful for having the opportunity to learn from
you. Also, thanks to the members of Toastmasters, I am so happy to meet
with you in this amazing club. Thanks for your evaluation, suggestion
and congratulation. Those good memory will stay in my mind forever. I cherish our friendship forever. Our friendship will never say goodbye.

  Wish all of you the best future. I will miss you all and keep in touch!


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