Project 9: Persuade with Power


  Be honest, I always
feel hard to figure out an attractive topic and write down something
for it. Be honest again, lazy is another reason. Starting to write down
the material after lunch, it took me two hours. Then, I took one hour
to prepare for it. That is not a good habits.

I enjoy delivering in front of audience. I like this kind of feeling
like a teacher or an actor. Here is the speech, hope you like it.

                    Passion we need

you think what is the most primary and critical element to make up a
success? A persistent success. You could have started to count in your
mind. Talent, education, chance, money, relationship, communication,
coordination and organization skills and so on. This list can be
expanded longer.

  But what is the key element? (Long pause) IMO, it is PASSION.

high talent, we can work hard. No good education, we can self-study. No
chance, we can create it. No money, we can earn it. No good skills, we
can practice. But, without passion, your failure is written at the
starting line.

  Without passion, a painter has advanced skills is
just called artisan,  in stead of artist. Without passion, a wonderful
job just become to a way to get salary. Without passion, you have lost
your life, no matter how rich you are.

  You could have heard the
story of Chen Jingrun, the great mathematician. He spend his spare time
to investigate Goldbach Conjecture and made a breakthrough. However, do
you know how rough his living and working environment? Only a six
square meters room. The only he hold are the pencil, paper, knowledge
and his passion for math. The passion support him to overcome all the
problem. External environment is an important part, but it is not the
critical point. The critical one must be something in our mind. It must
be something you want from your heart. It a strong felling. It is a
strong desire. That is passion.

  If you think this example is far
from us, we also can find the similar example around us. Even, in
Toastmaster Club. Lendan transfered from an art student to a science
student successfully. How hard for him at that time, how much knowledge
need to grasp and how much time he have to spend, we can image it.
Finally, he succeeded and was recognized by this famous IT company.
What could have given Lendan the strength to defy all odds. It is
passion. Passion is the fuel that propels the rocket.

  As also,
passion is the catalyst for the other components. It give you the
energy to burn the oil and wrote down 100 love poems for your
girlfriend one night. It let you knit the sweater in one day don’t fell
tire. It let you feel warm, even you have stayed outdoor and wait your
lover over three hours with wind and snow.

  We alway run into
various choice, difficulties, even failure. Passion is like a light
that will guide us out of darkness. No matter how hard it is, how long
it is, how painful it is, holding your passion you will hold the future!


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