Project 7: Research your Topic


  About half year
ago, I saw a post in the pantry and it said ERI paid 2 milions RMB for
power in BJS05 last year. That is much more than I expected. I was
surprised. The project 7 is Research your Topic. They are match, so I
pick up this topic.

 Environmental protection is not far from us.

                         Environmental Conservation in Our Office

  First of all, let me ask a question. According to your estimation, do
you think how much we paid for electricity in last year? Only Floor 7
BJS05? (Pause) It is about 2,000,000 RMB. Were you aware of that
before? I was not conscious of this situation until I saw the posting
in the pantry.

  Currently, China is stepping into a brand-new
developing phase. The country and people is getting richer and richer.
Business and individual cars flood in the street. Our house are full of
all kinds of electrical appliances. Tons of oil, coal, electricity and
natural gas consumed in every day. Everybody are looking forward to
happy and nice life, but too much resource consumption will destroy the
nature. More vehicle lead to more gasoline consumption. More electrical
appliances means more coal consumption. Eventually, all of those cause
more green house gas emissions.

  Even books lead to
deforestation. China has 220 million students in schools of all types.
If we assume that one student uses 15 textbooks per school year, that
means Chinese students will use more than 3 billion textbooks every
year. As the newspaper say our goal is to build up a
resource-conserving, environment-friendly society. Hence, we have to
change for it. A new item – "the nation encourages the reuse of
textbooks" – has been added to the revised Compulsory Education Law,
effective last September. If each book costs 15 yuan, we could save
more than 45 billion yuan by reusing those 3 billion textbooks for one
school year. That is equivalent to 550,000 tons of paper, or about 11
million trees.

  Can you image only book reused can save so much money and natural resource. Unimaginable. Right? But, that is the fact.

Environmental conservation is not only for the government or
organizations, also for every individuals. What we can do in our daily
work? What is the resource consumption problem for the company like Sun?

Dave Douglas, vice president for eco-responsibility at Sun said, "We’re
not only part of the solution, but also part of the problem," he
confesses. What he means is that computers are egregious energy hogs.
Data centers alone, Sun calculates, account for 2-3 percent of total
world energy use, with all IT making up more like 4-5 percent. At big
companies, 20 percent of total energy costs can typically be accounted
for by information technology.

  In addition, I did a statistics
to see how many people power off their desktop machines when they left
the office.(Pause) Less than half. Say, we are wasting tons of
electricity resource for nothing. We really need do something, from now
on. What we can do in our daily office life?

  * Power off your desktop when you left in the afternoon or weekend.
  * Identify and turn off unused equipment in your labs and data center.
  * Turn off your monitor when you leave for lunch
  * Setting your computer to power save mode.

  You could suspect for those tiny steps. Is it really helpful? Yes.

Let’s look back to the number we mentioned in the very beginning. If we
have 5% saving, say 100,000 Yuan, in electricity at floor 7, what
happened? It is equivalent to :

  * 17 passenger cars not driving for one year
  * provide electricity for 12 families for one year
  * reducing our green house gas emissions by 90 tones.
  * half acres of forest preserved from deforestation

  Everyone’s tiny contribution could cause a huge miracle. A penny saved is a penny earned. Don’t hesitate. Let’s move, now.


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