Thing always changed


  Be honesty, I desire this Team Building for long time. The original plan is to YeSanPo or ShiDu, or some place like those. I like this idea and expect escape from common life, even one afternoon. Recently, I was very busy in ZFS booting and relevant work for two months. The project schedule is tight. Hard time for us.

  But the plan changed in final.

  Eventually, we go out for dinner instead of travel. It is a pity. but it is the reality. For the age we are, it hard to figure out a overlapped time slot for everyone. Dinner looks like the most proper activity, so far. Good choice? Or bad choice? The restaurant named HuiYuan locates at a narrow and messed HuTung. The one we went to is a subbranch. We didn’t realize it until we ask for invoice. The waitress went out and got it from the headquarter.

  During the lunch, I heard another news SiYaw is leaving Sun. The most surprised news I heard today!

  Thing always changed. It seems always true!


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