Project 5: Your Body Speaks


I delivered my fifth speech in our Toastmaster meeting yesterday. I always feel very nervous before I start my speech. Don’t know if that is true for others. To me, it seems that more time to prepare, more nervous. However, Once I start to present it, that feeling was gone.

How about you?  Here is my speech content.

Take care our children, and take care our parents

I have a one month old baby boy. As parents, we need to take parent responsibility. Try our best to take care the little guy.

Actually, the preparation work has started before he was born. We have prepared a bunch of stuff for the baby, such as diaper, cloth, milk bottle, baby milk, baby shampoo, baby lotion and so on. We thought we have almost gotten ready of everything which could be useful for him. However, my mother did not think so. She thought we were still young and no experience with how to bring up a baby. So, she delivered a package from my hometown where was over 1000km far from here, Beijing. The package contained what we have considered and what we have never thought about. That was a really big package. In order to take that package to the taxi, I have to ask somebody to help me. That is another story.

Anyway, the baby came into our life soon. He was healthful, pretty and cute. He brings lots of happiness and excitement to us. One coin has two sides. He also brings lots of work for us. ;-) The baby can’t tell us his needs. The only communication way is crying. When he is hungry, he cries. When he is thirsty, he cries. When he wants to change the diaper, he cries again. He cries for any uncomfortable feeling at any time.     I have to struggle with lethargy in sleepless night.

Bringing up a baby is not easy. Parents dedicate their time, energy, patience, and love to the children. They can remember every details for the children. What is his favorite food? What’s kind of drink he like? What color he likes?, What’s his intered in?  And try to understand his thought, his idea, his expectation. At this moment, I usually think of my parents. What I do today for my childr is to repeat what they have done when I was young. I recognized I had given too little concern to my parents. I don’t know what is their favorite food. What they like and they don’t like. I got  much love from them, but gave them little. That could be some kind of common phenomena for most of people. We gave much love to our children, but little to our parents.

Last weekend, we took our son to hospital and gave him the vaccine injection. There are lots of young parents and their children. Usually, the mother took care the child and the father queued up and handled all the other issues. At the same time, I noticed there were many old people in the hospital. Comparing with the children, they are weak and lonely. Most of them was not accompanied by their children. They had to handle everything by themselves. Queued up to register, saw the doctor, then queued again to take the medicine. After they completed all those thing, they left by themselves. That was a weekend, I don’t think their children are so busy that they have  no time to accompany with them to the hospital. However, the reality is the old come and leave by themselves.

That could reflect a truth in this society that we took less concern to our parents than our children. We share the whole weekend with our children, but we could not spent one hour to accompany our parents. We worry about the flue to our children, but we could have forgotten to ask if our parents two week cold is OK now.  We  care about if our children are happy in the new school, but we could have forgotten to ask if our parent feel well in new city. Parents always mention to us, everything is fine. But, is that real true? They could have not told you they had gone to hospital for twice last week. They could have not tell you they  always lose their sleep in the night. They could have not told you their birthday is coming, they are eager to see you at that time. What we always can heard is everything is fine. Don’t worry about us. Take care yourself!

The children are still young, we have lots of time to share with them. But our parents are getting older and older. Comparing with our children, we do need to spend more time with our parents.

Take care of our children, also take care of our parents.


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