Project 4: How to Say it


I am happy to finished my fourth project “How to Say it” in Toastermaster meeting this afternoon. Thanks Paul Lee for your feedback and grammatical check. Also thank my wife for she was the only audience when I did the rehearsal at home. :-D

Stop complaining , do something

My apartment is located in the middle of north fourth ring road and near JianXiang bridge. As you can see, it is not too far from my apartment to our office, TsingHua Science Park. However, believe or not, usually it take me more than 45 minutes in the journey. Moreover, about half the time will be consumed in the last stop. In the other words, it takes me more than twenty minutes in the last five hundred meters.

If you are familiar with the traffic around WuDaoKou, I believe you must have the answer. There are three intersections, one railway line and one subway station within five hundred meters in WuDaoKou. In addition, there are too many cars, too many people, too many stores and restaurants in this area. So, you can imagine the traffic in the rush time. Especially, when you try to arrive at the airport or catch a plane.  It drives you crazy.

Almost everybody complains about the bad traffic. We heard of the pedestrians complain about the motor vehicle looks like a crazy mouse in the street. We heard of the drivers slang pedestrians looks like a blindman whatever the traffic light is. We scold the policemen not to manage the illegal taxi which parking around the subway station. We complain about any unfair event everyday. complain about the heavy pollution in the city. Complain about too much plastic garbage. Complain about the lack of love in our community. We complain about this and complain about that. We almost complain about anything.

However, have you ever thought what we can do for it? What we can improve? And what we can help? Before we complaining, let’s ask a question to ourselves. If I follow the traffic signal whenever I run through a crossing in the street?

Several months ago, when the taxi which I took stop in the front of traffic light, I observed the pedestrians in my sight. People struggle with the traffic stream.  The intersection was in wild confusion. Only one lady who wear a red dust coat stood in the end of zebra crossing and wait. All the people is moving except for her. You can imagine how a beautiful picture at that moment. What  good example that lady showed for us. I will never forget that scene.

If you observe the pedestrians in the street. You may note most of people will never follow the traffic signal. I really don’t think they do not see the traffic light or don’t know what does it means when the traffic light is red. The only explanation I can figure out is that those people have never been aware of it. When we complain about the traffic, we could never think about it is just due to the our own behaviors.

You may suspect the individual behavior is that the critical fact for the whole traffic? OK! Let me tell you another story about an old man and his chopsticks. The old gentleman took his own chopsticks whenever he had a dinner in the restaurant,  and refused to use disposal chopsticks. People were curious and inquire about why? He said I want to do my best to do something for forest conservation, so I refuse to use disposal chopsticks. The others laughed at him. “Only one pair of chopsticks? Do you think you can help the forest conservation that only refuse to use one pair of chopsticks?” The old man responded peacefully. “Yes, I think I can’t. I am not a great person, I can not go into the action and all the others follow me.  I am a common person. What I can do is to try my bese to request myself to do the right thing.”

I believe that is right what we are lack of. Only complaining can’t solve any problem. Except for conflict and antagonism, you can’t get more. If you really hate it, why not do something for it? If you complain about the illegal taxi around the subway station. Please never take it any more, even you are late. If you complain about the plastic garbage, please take your own  bags when you to the market. If you are a driver, please wait for the pedestrians. If you are a pedestrians, please follow the traffic light.

Don’t just talk, do it. Don’t just complain about it, just take your responsibility. Let’s stop complaining,  do something.


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