Project 1 : The ice breaker


I’d like to set up my first English blog here, since I just presented my first prepared speech at Toastmasters meeting yesterday. We call it the ice breaker. There are several major reasons for me why I’d like to work here. One of the most important points is you can get opportunities to improve myself from here. Not just technique. Be honest, I didn’t deliver that speech very well. However, I believe I can do it better if I keep going.

Practice make perfect!

Here is my ice breaker speech text, if you like to read.

The life I chose

When I got my bachelor degree and graduated from Northwest university five years ago, I have never recognized my life has stepped into a new stage from then on.

As graduation day approached, parties increased. All kind of parties. Usually a party means a dinner time with some guys. We had class dinner, dormitory dinner, laboratory dinner. Dinner with club which I joined, such as math modeling club, English club, and soccer club. BTW, I like soccer very much. My position is the forward. There is no more classes, no homework, no examination any more. We sang, danced and drank lots of beer. Going to sleep in the middle night and woke up at noon. The life habits have changed totally. Funny things always happened. One day, when we woke up and found our dormitory computer was gone. The thief stole it when we were sleeping. Moreover, he unplugged all the cables and only took away the main frame. There were eight persons in the dormitory, but no one heard any sound since too much beer. Although several years passed, I still clearly remember lots funny events during those days.

When the day came, we had to say good bye to each other. At the very beginning, my parent hoped I can go back to the oil field which they have worked for over thirty years. But I would not. I did not like the work and the work environment in the oil field. I didn’t know what is the exact job which I could do if I went back. But I was really sure I would never have chance to improve my knowledge in IT industry. So there was never any question in my mind that I would never go back. Once that was established, as long as it was feasible, I would be going away anyway. My parent’s perspective changed. Their concern shifted from whether I was going away to how far I would be away. I chose Beijing and join CS&S, China Computer Software & Services company, as a junior software engineer.

As a freshman in the society, I would attend to one of what seems like a never-ending list of unknowns: What would the company be like? How about the co-works? Could I get along with them ? Would I make friends easily? Would I miss my family so much that I would not be able to stand it? And what about the work, would I be able to keep up? What a real software product looks like? What if the company I selected turned out to be a horrible mistake? Would I be able to transfer to another job?

At the end of that July, I started my new life in Beijing. The work and went well. I learned a lot of programming skill and got valuable experiences in the product. My life went well, too. I made several good friends in the new company. I did not fell lonely, although I still missed my family very much. We, the new friends and co-works, played soccer every weekend. The role change from a student to a worker happened smoothly. My years in the first company turned out to be some of the best years of my life. And as for friends, some of the friendships I formed there I still treasure today.

I changed my job two years later. I joined Capital Online, a network company, and worked as a software engineer to develop commercial E-mail server system on Unix. Half a year later, I was promoted to the first level manager. That was a new challenge and good opportunity for me. I learned how to communicate with others. How to explain the same idea to different people by different approaches. I gained both success and failure from my new role. One thing I recognized was that I needed to enrich my experience and widen my eye in a better company.

God help those who help themselves. Maybe, I am just the lucky guy. On July 2004 which was almost three years after my graduation, I joined Sun. I was proud of being the member of this great company, and was happy to work with so many smart people in this industry. Most important to me, I got chance to know the entire process of a product from the very beginning to the ending. Also, I got chance to improve myself not only technical skills, but also communication and management skills.

Time flies. Sometimes, I recalled the steps I went across, I am happy I am a lucky man. I got so much happiness and help from my work and my friends. No matter it is a little bitterness or not. To me, the most important thing is I like the life I chose.


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